The Phelps Engine Museum is a collection of freelance steam and gasoline model engines. Gas and steam powered boats, even a 1" scale Live Steam Railroad. The collection includes cars, outboard engines, tractors, snowmobiles,and many more old motorized goodies.

Currently we are a Virtual Museum. The Museums objects are housed in many locations through out the North East. Please enjoy the pictures and videos 
Five foot long Live Steam Model Ships in Maine 2013. Trawler, Stern Wheeler and Blockade Runner by Jim Jr. Tug and both Sail Boats by Jim Sr. The 1957 Sail Boat from John Noll is going to be modified for RC operation.
Summer 2013. Jim,Al,Rachael,and Jeff sailed the steam Blockade Runner and Tug Boat. Jeff sailed the 1935 Sail Boat but the only breeze was around the point and out of view. Model boats are more fun in the water than on a Museum shelf. The oil condensers and collection tanks Jim Jr. added to all of the Ships in the fleet are great. Leaving oil slicks on a lake was so 1950's 
Mohogany Boat Race 1926 & 27 "Phelpscraft" 12-4-2010. Press Play
Live Steam Sidewheeler Model Jim Jr. 1978 8 mm Film
Live Steam Sternwheeler & 26' Mahogany Speedboat 96' Echo Lake MDI Maine.
Jim Jr restored Jim Sr's Ocean Liner Steam Boat after house fire damage.The 3/4 " of charcoal removed left the hull narrower than designed. For the maiden voyage we removed the deck as the boat would not stay upright. Jim replaced the LEAD Railing stanchions with wood and she sails again
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